Friday, February 17, 2017

What Is The Relationship Between Faith And Reason?

        Many believe that religion and science contradict each other. They are thereby depicted as not being compatible entities. It is claimed by atheists that faith and reason together cannot be used to construct a sensible worldview. A dichotomy is set up between an irrational person who believes in religion or the rational person believes in science alone.

        The truth of the matter is that people who maintain that faith and reason are incompatible have presented a false dichotomy. A logical person can also be religious. A religious person can indeed be sane and intelligent. In fact, faith and reason are inseparable. Faith cannot function without reason. Reason cannot function without faith. One cannot function independently of the other. Both must co-exist.

        Faith and reason overlap. The two do not stand in contradiction when understood properly, but rather complement each other. Our faith should be based on evidence. We occupy reason to grasp scientific concepts such as DNA, the atmosphere, and dinosaurs. Truths revealed solely through divine revelation would include the Trinity and virgin birth. These spiritual truths transcend the natural realm.

        Faith and reason overlap in areas such as intelligent design, objective moral laws, and the resurrection. These matters require both elements. When faith and reason walk together, we see completeness in our lives. We know and understand that logic cannot exist without a supreme Creator.

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