Saturday, February 18, 2017

Loving One's Neighbor

We all have the tendency to act selfishly toward others. In our world today, people are constantly thinking of themselves and fail to recognize that it is not rational for them to behave in such a manner. If we can support ourselves and focus on our own desires, then what barrier is preventing us from doing the same with everybody else? If we can love ourselves, then we can certainly love other people. We can provide assistance to others on the basis of love for all. Why would God create us if our purpose was to live in the dungeon of sin? Jesus Christ repeatedly commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our purpose in life is to know, love, and serve God in this world with the intent of spending eternity with Him.

We learn more about God when we love our neighbors as ourselves. His Son gave Himself up on a cross for our sake so that we could be with our Father eternally in heaven. We as followers of God can give ourselves up by spreading the Gospel of Grace and by helping others to see beyond the self-serving scope which is created by the lenses on the glasses of sin. We know God through His work. We can see things clearly when we put on the glasses of godliness. He expects us to make moral decisions. What is the right decision in life? The proper decision is to demonstrate our love for God by loving our neighbor. We can do kind deeds for others such as raking lawns for the elderly, giving food and money to the poor, and forgiving the wrongful actions committed by others.

We learn to love the Father by loving our neighbors. If we do not love our neighbors, then we do not love God. Jesus said,"If you love Me, you will keep my commandments" (John 14:15). Human life itself has intrinsic value. We should give everyone else equal treatment and respect. Setting a good example for others helps them become better people. God judges without showing partiality. We should mimic the ways of God. We should love our neighbors as we would love ourselves by acting in an unbiased manner and by making the right decisions in every corner of life.

We serve the Creator when we love our neighbors as we love ourselves. When we serve others, we are fulfilling His message of doing good for others. When we feed the hungry, we are serving God. When we cloth the naked and visit the prisoners, we are serving God. When we do any form of charity, we are serving God. Preaching the gospel should be our utmost way of serving Him.

We live in a world that is selfish. This is totally contrary to what God has commanded us when He instructed us to "love our neighbors as ourselves." If we can help and love ourselves, then we can certainly do the same with everybody else. We are fully capable of doing great works for other people through the grace of God and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We are to devote ourselves to the will of God with an eternal perspective.

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