Sunday, February 26, 2017

Is Sola Scriptura Based On Circular Reasoning?

  • Introduction:
          -Opponents of Sola Scriptura, which is simply the Latin abbreviation for the Protestant doctrine of the ultimate authority of the Bible, sometimes charge that this teaching is constructed on circular logic. But this objection would hold water only if we who uphold this position based our belief in the divine inspiration of Scripture solely on the basis that Scripture makes such claims.
  • Sola Scriptura is not circular reasoning because outside sources attest to the inspiration of Scripture. It has also "proven itself" to be true:
          -Historical or archaeological evidence backing up the existence of various cities, countries, prominent individuals, customs or traditions, and even major events mentioned in the Bible.
          -Geological accuracy
          -Excellent moral teaching
          -Great internal consistency in the biblical texts
          -Incredible manuscript evidence for the authenticity of New Testament Scriptures
          -Consistency with world history/archaeological discoveries
          -Scripture's fulfillment of prophecy points to its supernatural origin
          -The life transforming power of Scripture
  • A Brief Note On The Above Evidences For Biblical Inspiration:
         -Although none of the above evidences are considered infallible, we can still have more than sufficient certainty that the Bible is the written Word of God. It is therefore the greatest proof for His existence.
  • Circular Reasoning To A Degree Is Somewhat Inevitable In Our Lives:
         -Some degree of circularity will always exist in the operational processes of any system that functions on a final stopping point or ultimate source of authority, whether it be Catholic, Protestant, or Secular. Infinite regress is logically impossible.
  • Accepting The Inspiration Of Scripture:
         -If we can prove the infallibility of an authoritative source (i.e. the Bible), then it follows from the premise of that statement that everything set forth by that particular guide (i.e. the Bible) must also be true. This objection to Sola Scriptura would be valid if, and only if, we asserted that the Bible was true because it told us so. But that is not the case at all. Scripture has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be the Word of God.

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