Sunday, February 26, 2017

Is Sola Scriptura Based On Circular Reasoning?

  • Introduction:
          -Opponents of Sola Scriptura sometimes claim that this teaching is based on circular reasoning. However, this objection would hold water only if adherents were to argue for belief in the divine inspiration of Scripture solely on the basis of what Scripture says about itself. That would be inherently fallacious by reason of being a viciously circular argument.
  • Arguments Giving Credence To The Inspiration Of Scripture:
          -Excellent moral teaching/life transforming power of Scripture
          -Incredible manuscript evidence for the authenticity of New Testament Scriptures
          -Consistency with world history/archaeological discoveries
           *If the four gospels for instance can be shown to be as reliable (or even more so than) as extra-biblical authors such as Plutarch, Josephus, and Tacitus, then we must accept Jesus Christ as being the Son of God. Radical skepticism toward the text would not be appropriate in that instance.
          -Scripture's fulfillment of prophecy points to its supernatural origin
  • Accepting The Inspiration Of Scripture:
          -If the Bible is truly the Word of God, then it follows from that premise everything set forth by that standard must also be true. That would not be circular but sequential thinking.
          -Sola Scriptura is not a denial of the usefulness of extra-biblical sources. It does not mean we cannot consult material outside of Bible.
          -Some degree of circularity will always exist in the operational processes of any system that functions on the basis of an ultimate source of authority. It does not whether whether it be Catholic, Protestant, or secular. 

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