Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What Is Love?

         The purpose of this brief reflection paper is to address the question of what constitutes true love. On what basis or by what standard can one claim to have authentic love? Why is Love even significant? Love is what enables us to have a dedicated, compassionate relationships with other people. It is the foundation of all morality. This innate desire is completely different from a mere instinct or physiological obsession because it is recognized by reason and acted on by free will. Love is therefore a pillar which keeps the gears of this world turning in a peaceful manner. It is not merely an empty sensation.

         Just imagine what the world would be like if the concept of love was merely a product of the mentally deranged. It is not possible to care about anything without love, for it is the innate desire of the human heart to self-sacrifice for the sake of other people. It necessarily entails wanting what is best for others. Love is kind. Love is caring. Love is gentle. Love entails self-sacrifice. All these concepts are interrelated. They thus function together in perfect harmony. In fact, the existence of love presupposes the existence of care. Love is the foundation of morality. Love rejoices in the truth, and weeps tenderly in the presence of falsehood. In contrast, animosity, vindictiveness, and hate negate the demonstration of kindness and demolish our ability to evaluate things without revealing partiality.

         If people cannot work together because of hatred, then life on earth would come to an unnecessary, abrupt termination because no further progress and resolutions can be made. Love and hatred cannot co-exist because they are contrary notions. Furthermore, hatred brews other abominable states of heart such as being prideful, jealous, selfish, and unforgiving. Without love, life would collapse like a line of dominoes. Mankind cannot continue on without love, any more than a tree can survive without water. Hatred presents us with a rather hopeless, monotonous, and untenable perspective of the general aspects of life. On the basis of divine revelation and plain reason we can claim to know what love is. God is love.

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  1. Very good. As St. John of the Cross taught, "our Faith can be explained in one word, love."