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Circular Reasoning In The Mind Of The Jehovah's Witnesses

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Mormon Stupidity

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Brief History, Overview, And Refutation Of Mormonism

  • Introduction:
        -Mormonism: a religious cult that was founded by Joseph Smith in the woods of Palmyra, New York during the year 1821 A.D.. He claimed that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him to establish a completely new church. In other words, he had visions that told him to start a new religion.
       -Smith claimed that the "Angel Maroni" (who is not biblical) was coming to teach him for a few years, give him some golden "Nephi Plates" so that he could record the allegedly inspired teachings into the Book of Mormon, and then permanently confiscate them (ulterior motives here?).
       -The sacred texts of Mormonism are the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants.
       -The Mormon Church claims that the entire Christian church and the Bible have been totally corrupted. Thus, its alleged purpose is to restore the church back to the original teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles.
  • Total Apostasy?:
       -There are many Scripture passages that discuss the coming of false teachings and apostates claiming to be orthodox in belief (Acts 20:26-32; 2 Thessalonians 2:2-12; 1 Timothy 4;1-4; 2 Peter 2:1-3; 2 John). However, the Bible never speaks of the concept of a "total apostasy". Further, this same set of ideas can equally be leveled against the Mormon church.
       -An essential question that needs to be addressed is, "When did the entire Christian church go into the state of a complete apostasy?" There has always been a general consensus on what constitutes the essential doctrines of the Christian faith and literally thousands of different biblical manuscripts lending great support and testifying to the overall accuracy of the Bible that we have in our hands.     
       -Jesus Christ specifically taught that His church would endure until the end of time (Matthew 16:18; Ephesians 3:21). Additionally, we have been told that the words of the Lord are incorruptible (Psalm 12:6-7; Isaiah 40:8; Matthew 5:17-18; Mark 13:31; 1 Peter 1:23-25). According to the Bible itself, there is no such thing as a total apostasy.
       -If any of Joseph Smith's claims regarding the alleged total apostasy of Christendom were true, then he should have been able to give an extensive list of all of the original teachings of Jesus Christ, where every denomination had went wrong, provide the exact date of when Christianity went extinct, and go back to the original teachings of Jesus and the apostles. He should have been able to refer to established facts, writings, or history. However, Joseph Smith never took the time to verify any of his claims.  
       -The Bible teaches that no mortal in the flesh can look into the direct presence of God and survive (Exodus 33:18-23). In fact, we have been told by the inspired Scriptures that nobody has even seen God (John 1:18; 6:46; 1 Timothy 1:17; 6:13-16; 1 John 4:12). The mere fact that Joseph Smith came out of the woods walking and talking testifies to the complete falseness of his claims.
  • Mormonism Preaches A Different Gospel And Is Therefore Condemned (Galatians 1:6-12):
        -The Mormons have so many pernicious doctrines which place them into the category of being "Pseudo-Christian". Perhaps one of the greatest objections against the Mormon church is that its missionaries never talk about distinctly Mormon doctrines, which separate them from biblical Christianity, with their potential converts. In fact, they even redefine all of the terms used in traditional Christianity to fit their theology. So never trust one word that they have to say.
         +Mormonism teaches an entirely works-based salvation.
         +The Mormon Church teaches that God had sex with Mary in order to conceive Jesus.
         +Mormonism teaches that Jesus and Satan are "spirit brothers".
         +Denial of the sufficiency of Jesus Christ's sacrifice/claims to His blood being worthless:
          +The Mormon church teaches that there are three types of heaven. Only the greatest Mormons get to go the the "greatest" heaven. The second heaven is for good people in general. The third heaven is for evil people. The "outer darkness" is the state of eternal condemnation for former Mormons.
          + According to Mormonism, good Mormon men (those who converted several people during their lifetime) would die and go on to become gods of their own solar systems, have multiple goddess wives, engage in continuous sex, and procreate many "spirit children". These "spirit children" would become incarnate and continue to repeat the same process. 
             ^The Bible teaches strict monotheism, not polytheism (Deuteronomy 32:29; Isaiah 43:10-11; 44:6-8; 1 Corinthians 8:4-8).
             ^There is no marriage in the afterlife (Mark 12:18-27).

The Necessity Of Investigation For The Sake Of Truth

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Christian Interaction With The Problem Of Evil

  • This is perhaps the strongest atheistic objection to the existence of God. But it is not as if it cannot be thoroughly addressed and refuted. 
  • The Atheist Argument Formally Stated:
         1.) If God is all-powerful, then He can prevent evil.
         2.) If God is good, then He can prevent evil.
         3.) Evil exists.
         4.) Therefore, there is no God, or He is not good (or imperfectly good).
  • The Biblical Response---The Job Argument:
          -The Book of Job provides a solid answer to the philosophical problem of evil. During that period of time, Job was known as the most righteous man on earth (Job 1:1; 8). Although He was very obedient to God, He allowed very terrible things to happen to him (Job ended up getting a bunch of sores and later lost everything that he owned to severe weather, including his family. In the end, however, God blessed Him with much more riches and even another family) as part of a test to prove to the devil that Job was indeed righteous and faithful. Eventually, his three closest companions gathered around him to offer comfort by giving possible explanations for all of the mishaps such as maybe committing a wrongful action which was worthy of rebuke or even having a sinful lifestyle. But he disagreed with the reasons provided because he knew in his heart that they were false. Job was in fact a righteous man in the sight of God. So he began to question and ponder why God would let him endure the pain that he was made to endure. He complained to God about his predicaments and pointed to the fact that he had done nothing worthy of condemnation (Job 31). Job continually placed his trust in the Lord. In response to the his plea, God reminded Job about the fact that He is infinitely superior to mankind in every way because He is the author of all life. In other words, He answered Job by telling him that he was unable to fully understand how He works and instructed him to firmly place his trust in Him. God's control over nature and His ultimate purposes are to be trusted no matter where they appear to lead. He will either continue to provide for our needs or allow us to die so that we can be united with Him in the fullness of His presence in the heavenly sanctuary, which has no pain, suffering, or evil. We are not fully capable of comprehending every dot in the divine plan because our created minds are finite, whereas He is infinite.
  • Morally Sufficient Reasons For God's Toleration Of Evil:
        -God may allow evil to exist as a way to test and strengthen our faith. 
        -It could be to show us that our poor decisions lead to negative consequences that are contrary to His will (what He really wants is goodness--he condemns murder, adultery, theft, etc.). 
        -To teach us how He wants us to live or as a punishment for our evil actions.
        -To prevent people from claiming that their sentence to eternity in hell is unjust on the Day of Judgement. 
         -God can use suffering to help us build virtues such as patience, courage, humility, and self-sacrifice. 
  • The Argument From Free Will:
       -God allows us to make immoral decisions because He wanted us to have freewill. He wanted us to have freedom and to lovingly come to Him through the use of our own reason. He did so out of His unconditional love for us. He wanted us to choose Him, not be forced to accept His precepts. If He did so, then He would not really love us. Since we are capable of either doing good or evil, there will inevitably be some form of evil. Free will is a grander good. In fact, it is a gift in and of itself. In heaven, we would be so consumed by God's majestic glory and presence that we would never be tempted by sin and would destroys the possibility of any insurrection. Satan is the reason that evil exists in the world today.      
  • Misleading Implications Of The Problem Of Evil:
         -This argument attempts to judge God according to human standards. In other words, it judges an absolutely perfect God by fallible, subordinate human standards. He is the one who is superior to us (not the other way around).
         -The problem of evil implies that we as humans are too good to endure the consequences of our sinful actions and thus demonstrates that atheism formed as a result of rebellion against the true God. 
         -If people pollute the earth to the point that it begins to self-destruct or terrorists drop bombs on a nation to murder millions of innocent people, then we, not God, are responsible for the disastrous consequences that follow. It is our own fault that people are starving, uneducated, and without shelter because we are the ones who are failing to pay attention or doing something about the issues presented at hand. The problem lies in our negligence to doing what is righteous. This is another reason God gave us freewill (to choose and do what is right). He will assist us, as long as our object of focus is within reasonable boundaries and is for the good of  all.   
          -Instead of wasting all of our time blaming God for the problems that we have created for ourselves, why don't we start assembling to form practical solutions to any worldly dilemmas? Why is this compromise for moral good so difficult? What is stopping us from making the right decisions when God has given us the internal capacity to do so? Agreement amongst differing parties, not merely talks of doing something, is what leads us up the staircase to success. It seems as if the only time when atheists mention the less fortunate people of this world or the overall existence of evil is when they want to pit the issue against God. 
  • An Argument That Backfires--Evil Assumes Good:
        -If objective evil exists, then, by definition, objective good must also exist. If there is an objective good, then there is a standard of morality that exists beyond humanity. This divine moral law governs the moral codes of each civilization. This moral law implies that there must be a Moral Law Giver. 

The Absurdity Of Life Without God

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First Century Extra-Biblical Testimony To The Existence Of Jesus Christ!

  • Josephus was a first century Jewish scholar and historian:

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The Argument From Miracles---A Simple Syllogism

-The purpose of this brief article is to provide a very short argument for the existence of miracles, and how they are a proof for God's existence. 

  • The Argument Formally Stated:
          1.) The most simple and straightforward definition of a miracle is a highly improbable and extraordinary event, which brings incredibly positive consequences that cannot be explained by science. These are completely different than the common, every stuff that we hear in the news (but there are many accounts).
         2.) Highly improbable and extraordinary events do occur. They range anywhere from nearly impossible medical recoveries from diseases or injuries that have no known cure or procedure to remedy or reverse them, to people getting saved or escaping from the harm of natural disasters such as tornadoes or bombs during a war, and people finding sources of food or learning how to survive in uninhabitable climates such as the scorching hot desert. The origin of the universe is in itself miraculous. Many people's lives have been transformed to an infinitely better state of completeness because of their conversions to Christianity.     
         3.) Occasions such as the ones listed above cannot be explained by science because they are beyond the mere scope of the natural world. They are thus evidence for the transcendent, supernatural realm. Therefore, they point to the ultimate goodness of God and testify to the reliability of the miracles recorded in the Bible.