Saturday, March 11, 2017

General Comments On Roman Catholic Mariology

  • What Is Mariology?:
          -The study or doctrine relating to Mary, the mother of Jesus (upheld by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant churches).
  • Catholic Mariology Presents A Distorted View Of Mary:
          -The New Testament epistles were written to give spiritual guidance and instruction to the Christian churches. They have a great deal to say about constructing the appropriate doctrines that develop a foundational understanding for worship. However, Mary is completely absent from the New Testament letters (with the exception being Acts 1:14 and Galatians 4:4).
          -Even in the four gospels, her alleged "spiritual power and authority" seems as if it does not exist. Jesus and the apostles never gave Mary any place of authority or devotion that the Roman Catholic Church has given to her.
          -Why did Jesus address another woman by the same name, "woman," as He called His mother Mary (Matthew 15:28; John 2:4)?
  • John The Baptist:
          -Jesus Christ said that the greatest human ever born was John the Baptist and that he was the LEAST in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 11:11-13). Even the "least" in the kingdom of God is "greater" than John the Baptist. So Mary is no better than anyone else, either in heaven or earth.
  • Contradicts Biblical Teaching:
          -Jesus publicly refuted a woman who attempted to exalt Mary on the basis that she gave birth to Him (Luke 11:27-28). Instead, He placed an emphasis on hearing and obeying the Word of God.
          -Jesus stated that all of His disciples are His mother and family (Matthew 12:46-50). In other words, He elevated all of His disciples to the same level as His earthly mother and family. The emphasis is on faithfulness to God's will, rather than ancestral lineage.
  • God Uses Everyone And Everything For A Purpose That Brings Him Glory:
          -God did not have to use Mary as the means of bringing His Son into the world so that He could make atonement on our behalf. The Lord could have found favor with another virgin woman who was just as faithful to His will, if He so chose. In fact, He did not have to save us (but He did as a result of His love and mercy). It is not as if Mary was the only option available or that God owed her something. No professing Christians should be building alters or temples in the name of various saints, offering prayers and psalms to beings other than God, setting aside time for "veneration" or creating titles of honor dedicated to Mary (or anybody else), or even erecting statues or portraits in the name of various "saints." The Jewish people behaved in the exact way, yet God was certainly not pleased with them. He was in fact angered.

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  1. Well done, Jessie!

    You said:

    "The Lord could have found favor with another virgin woman who was just as faithful to His will, if He so chose."

    I think that this says it all, concerning Mary's importance. She was a blessing to mankind for bringing the Messiah into the world (and rearing Him), but God certainly could have used some OTHER righteous and humble virgin.

    But then again, Catholics would have probably done the same thing to THAT virgin, as well. This one, too, would have somehow been "without sin." I guess we can't win for losing, Jessie! Catholics will be Catholics. It's just built into their system!

    God bless, and keep up the good work.

    In His Name,