Friday, March 17, 2017

Atheism And The Origin Of Life

  • The two most common scientific theories used by atheists to explain the origin of the universe are the Big Bang Theory and the Oscillating Universe Theory. These will be elaborated on briefly in this article so that objections can be raised to demonstrate the inconsistency of the atheistic worldview.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
         -States that the universe began as a very hot, small, and dense ball of cosmological matter (called a "singularity"), which expanded and transformed into what we call the universe. The universe is continuing to cool down as it continues to spread out further.
           +Why did this happen?
           +Where did the particles of matter which helped to cause the explosion of matter come from? How did everything originate? Something cannot come from nothing.
           +What caused the big bang to go into motion? Something cannot put itself into motion.
           +Circular reasoning: "The universe came into existence because it needed to exist."
  • Oscillarating Universe Theory:
         -Teaches that the universe expands from a singularity, collapses back again, and repeats the same cycle for all eternity.
           +The universe is not closed and consequently continues to expand outward. In fact, the accelerating force has kept on increasing. We have no evidence for a decreasing speed.
           +The universe has insufficient mass density to allow an internal collapse--and thereby a lack of gravitational attraction to hinder and rebut the expansion of the universe.
           +A beginningless series of events is logically impossible. They cannot exist any more than an effect can take place without a cause. For instance, there is no such thing as an infinite staircase without a first step or an infinite tower standing without a base to rest on. Everything has some sort of foundation to rest on, unless we are speaking of the Eternal God.
               ^Although the number line has been cited as an example of infinite regression, this counter example is flawed because a number line is an intangible idea used to help us understand intangible mathematical concepts. It is not a sequence of events.