Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mary, The "god" Of Roman Catholicism

  • Blatantly Unscriptural Religious Titles Of Honor Given To Mary, The Mother Of Jesus:

          -The Church of Rome has given Mary literally thousands of different titles for purposes of religious devotion. A handful of examples would include "Queen of the Universe", "Sinless Mother", "Gate of Heaven", and "Refuge of Sinners". In fact, Romanism has even given her titles the are IDENTICAL to those of which belong to the Lord. Examples would include "Advocate" (1 John 2:1), "Helper" (Hebrews 13:5-6), "Glory of Israel" (1 Samuel 15:29), and "the "Bright and Morning Star" (Revelation 22:16). Mary has even been called the "Virgin Daughter of Zion", which is a term attributed in Scripture to the City of Jerusalem (Lamentations 2:13-14; 2 Kings 19:21; Isaiah 52:2). 
          -Roman Catholics have basically turned Mary into their own version of Jesus! According to Catholic tradition, she was conceived in the same manner as He was, ascended into heaven like He did, and even plays a major part in redeeming souls of the lost world (meaning that God has given her the ability to save people)! They even beg Mary to forgive their sins in the popular prayer called the "Memorare"! Obviously, Roman Catholicism and biblical Christianity are not the same thing, for both religious systems contradict each other on many essential articles of the faith. Another interesting observation to make is that the Roman Catholic Church has established a whopping total of 35 feast days in honor of Mary, and only a total of 6 days in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! They have even dedicated a whole month to Marian devotion, which is May.
          -If the Church of Rome truly had a heart for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then why is He usually depicted as being constantly dead on a cross or helpless in the arms of Mary in its churches, schools, and other institutions? Why are most prayers offered to beings other than God? How is it not disrespectful to believe that a mere mortal man (a priest) has the power and authority to pull his King out of His heavenly throne into an earthly piece of bread and cup of wine? 
          -If devotion to Mary and the saints is permissible, then who gets to determine what is idolatrous and what does not constitute idolatry? The only logically possible answer to this question is the people who originally instated and authorized the religious practice, which is indeed a circular appeal! Although the people who have been entrenched in this "saintly veneration" deny that they worship they beings that they so admire, we can tell that they have been deceived by seeing, listening to, and examining their own words and actions.  In other words, their own testimonials witness against their defenses. Merely saying that you do not worship a particular entity does not make it so! The beliefs and activities which comprise of this Marian theology so closely resemble worship that it is practically laughable to hear attempts at biblical justification.       

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