Monday, November 11, 2019

The Anthropic Principle And Intelligent Design

The "anthropic principle"-from the Greek word anthropos, meaning "man"-recognizes that conditions on earth are ideal, apparently by design, for the existence of human (and other) life.

An objective examination of the universe indicates that it is finely tuned-adjusted precisely-for the existence of complex life. Following is a sample of key factors:
  • Earth is just the right distance from the sun for life to survive. If Earth were too close to the sun, everything would burn up. If it were too far from the sun, everything would freeze.
  • There is just enough oxygen on Earth-comprising 21 percent of the atmosphere-for life to exist. If there were too much oxygen (25 percent or more), things would catch on fire too easily; all oxidizing processes would proceed too rapidly. If there were not enough oxygen (say, 15 percent), living beings would suffocate.
  • The level of water vapor in the atmosphere is just right for life on Earth. Too much water vapor in the atmosphere would cause a runaway green-house effect. The planet would become too hot for human life. Too little water vapor in the atmosphere would yield an insufficient greenhouse effect, and the planet would get too cold.
  • Volcanoes are necessary for the spreading of soil nutrients. Too many volcanoes, however, would cause critical energy from the sun to be blocked by clouds of volcanic ash.
  • The Earth has one moon, which is just the right size. If Earth had more than one moon, or if our one moon were much larger, there would be tidal instability on earth. In fact, a much larger moon might cause tidal waves to engulf the land.
  • Jupiter, a giant planet with a phenomenally strong gravitational pull, attracts asteroids and comets that Earth does not because of its small and commensurately weaker gravitational pull.
The reality is that there are numerous highly improbable factors that have to be precisely in place in a balanced fashion for survival of life on Earth. Without any one of these factors, life would not be possible. Life, however, exists on Earth precisely because these conditions are just right for life.

The above excerpt was taken from a pamphlet titled Intelligent Design: What You Need To Know (Quick Reference Guide), by Ron Rhodes


Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

do you understand why this does not answer the opponents attack>

Jesse Albrecht said...

Given an infinite amount of space and time, I am unconvinced that all these variables could randomly assemble themselves without a source of divine intelligence.

I also disagree with the notion that we can find another universe with planets that are suitable to the forms of life found on earth.