Monday, November 25, 2019

Commentary On John 1:16

"...what does the phrase "grace for grace" actually mean? The preposition translated "for" in Greek is anti, which could readily be translated "in place of." The idea is that when one supply of grace is used, there will be another to take its place. There is constant and uninterrupted replenishment of the grace of God for the believer. Thus his sins are never exposed; they are under the blood of Christ all the time. Let us not hesitate, therefore, to invoke God's grace constantly. God never wants us to be lacking in His grace. We must have His fullness. Let us not be afraid that we shall ever exhaust the grace of God. In Him there is an inexhaustible supply."

Spiros Zodhiates, Was Christ God?, p. 309


Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

your understanding is correct, it has also been translated "grace upon Grace."

Justin Horn said...

according to my strongs hebrew and greek dictionary from my computer's e-sword bible app, that (the greek word for "for") is correct.

Yes I can personally attest that at times I do feel as though I have exhausted or gone beyond the grace of God, as believers in Christ we must have faith that God is willing and desires to forgive us as long as we repent and trust in him. The despair one feels when they feel disconnected or apart from God is crushing and overwhelming. That is why we as believers must put our faith in God's word instead of our own emotions.