Friday, January 4, 2019

The Fatal Flaw Of The Charismatic Movement

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          -The tongue-speaking phenomena found within the Charismatic Movement can indeed be traced back to ancient pagan, contradictory religions. As Pastor John MacArthur noted:

          "...All kinds of feeling experiences, all kinds of emotionalism, all kinds of sensual things in the broadest term of sensual, that is, apprehended by the senses rather than the mind. This was very common to pagan religion. Plato, in his dialogues – and, incidentally, Plato lived from 429 to 347 B.C. before Christ, and in his dialogues, he has page, after page, after page describing these pagan ecstasies of speech."

          Consider further insights from a pamphlet titled "Comparing and Contrasting the Various Concepts of "Tongues" Historically" by Rev. R. Liichow, page 2:

          "The ability to manifest ecstatic speech is not limited to the Christian Church or even the early church. Anthropologists have found many examples of religious groups who practice "tongues". The East Greenland Eskimo use a spirit language through their shamans. The Quillacinga and Pasto Indians also express "unintelligible words" in their services.We have possibly the earliest account of ecstatic speech approximately 1,100 years before the Day of Pentecost in Egypt.Dr. Wayne House has shown a historical practice of speaking in tongues in Phrygia by followers of the Cybele-Attis cult as well as the cult of Apollo prior to the birth of the church.7 Biblical scholar Gerald Hovenden demonstrates that "the existence of glossolalia in pagan world in ancient time itself cannot be denied."8 He shows that glossolalia phenomenon appeared prior to the New Testament period in the Mari Document (around 2000-1500 BCE), Wen Amon (1100 BCE), the Homeric to Delian Apollo (700 BCE), Cassandra, and etc."

          Therefore, the speaking in tongues that we are witnessing today in the Charismatic Movement is not from God. It is rooted in the occult. The tongues that are spoken of in the New Testament are simply human languages that the speaker acquired by supernatural means. They were actually intelligible. To attribute the human experiences found within the Charismatic Movement to the Holy Spirit is sheer blasphemy. 

           The various sign gifts utilized by the church in the first century were to be used in serving God, not self-gratification. Speaking in tongues was a sign for unbelievers (1 Corinthians 14:22). We no longer need sign gifts because we now have the New Testament. The inspired writings of the prophets and apostles have sufficient power to bring about the conversion of souls (John 20:30-31).

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  1. If speaking in "tongues" is a sign of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, then I'd like the charismatics to explain tongue-speaking Mormons.