Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Atheism Refuted: The Impossibility Of Abiogenesis

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          -Following is an excerpt from an article originally published by the Cosmos Magazine, which has now apparently been deleted:

          "Since he and colleague Tracey Lincoln first succeeded in creating this artificial genetic system that can undergo self-sustained replication and evolution last year, the molecules have changed dramatically as they evolve better and better solutions."

          Naturalistic atheists seem to believe that the creation of these self-replicating RNA enzymes vindicates the notion of abiogenesis, which is the theory that life originated spontaneously from inanimate materials.

          However, this effort to demonstrate the possibility of life coming from non-living matter does not hold water, considering that these enzymes did not actually create themselves. They did not evolve. They did not simply appear from nothing.

          If this scenario proves anything at all, then it only means that all created things require an intelligent designer. After all, these RNA enzymes were created by scientists, who have intelligence. They were developed in laboratory conditions, which are artificial, controlled, and customized by intelligent beings.

          There is no scientific evidence existing whatsoever to support the idea of a self-sustaining cell that could arise spontaneously in the appropriate environment. The modern theories of abiogenesis cannot account for the extraordinary complexity and design of living organisms. Neither is there a known explanatory mechanism for how such an unguided process could work.

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  1. Indeed, Scientist creating life in the lab in order to prove that life arose without God would be self defeating . Since it would only prove that information comes from minds. I know I'm kinda just reiterating the point that your making in this article but I couldn't agree more with you on this point.