Sunday, January 28, 2018

Evidence Contradicting Evolutionary Theory And Common Descent

          Following is a gem rarely found in peer reviewed journals from an article titled The Comet Comith: Evolving Developmental Systems. It speaks of the overwhelming complexity of embryonic development, which gives credence to intelligent design arguments:

          "One of the main reasons for Duboule’s pessimism about the return of the EvoDevo comet is the staggering complexity and diversity of cellular and developmental regulatory processes. The configuration space for realistic models of such systems is vast, high dimensional, and potentially infinitely complex."

          Another excerpt affirms that "profound similarities" exist which do not prove "common ancestry:"

          "Because of this, similarities in gene expression patterns or morphological structure often do not necessarily imply common ancestry, since they may as well reflect the frequent reuse of the same regulatory or morphogenetic modules."

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