Friday, June 16, 2017

Oregon Becomes The First State To Add Third "Gender" To Driver's Licenses!

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  • Since when does biology tell us that more than two genders exist? Who got to decide that people can choose their official gender identity? There are only two opposite genital parts! Does it not follow that there are ONLY TWO genders!? If not, then why?

Disturbing Quotes From Joseph Smith!


Reflection Questions For Atheists

  • Following are some questions for atheists to answer:
1.) What is the first cause of everything?

2.) Why did the universe come into being? What is our purpose in life?

3.) Why do human beings possess consciousness? How can intelligent life exist?

4.) From whence do we get our morals and values? How can we know for certain that anything is true or right?

5.) How do you know that your worldview is correct? What if heaven and hell are real?