Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Few Questions For Calvinists

  • Introduction:
          -Oftentimes, the debate between Calvinist and Arminian theology is pretty intense, along with flaming accusations of preaching gospel perversions. But one need not lay down such harsh charges, for both sides of the traditional Protestant table believe that we are saved by faith, apart from the merit of all works. However, all of this is beside the point of this particular discussion. Following are some questions for Calvinists on their version of the Predestination doctrine, which, according to Calvinism, means that God chose which people were going to be saved (the elect) and those who would be damned to eternal condemnation in the flames of hell (the reprobate) before the creation of the universe. It should also be noted that a percentage of Calvinists have gone as far as to claim that the notion of free will is totally evil and non-existent.
  • If Calvinistic Predestination Is True, Then:
          1.) How can we "choose" whether to obey idols or abandon them to serve the true and living God (Joshua 24:15)?
          2.) Why would people need to fight to "endure until the end" (Matthew 24:13)? How can people "be converted" (Matthew 18:3)?
          3.) Why do we need to "abide" in Jesus Christ for salvation (John 15:4-6)?
          4.) Why try to convert sinners from the error of their ways (James 5:19-20)? Why should we even preach the gospel to the lost?
          5.) How can all people who call on the name of the Lord be saved (Romans 10:13)?
          6.) How can people be converted to Christ as a result of studying written testimonies about Him (John 20:30-31)? How can the lost choose to follow Jesus (John 5:39-40)?
          7.) Why would Jesus Christ die for the sins of the "whole world"(1 John 2:1-2)? How could the blood of the Lamb take away the sins of the "whole world" (John 1:29)? How could the blood of Jesus Christ wash away "all sins" (1 John 1:7-10)? How can we "become children of God" (John 1:12)?
          8.) Why should Christians be concerned about the loss of their heavenly rewards (1 Corinthians 3:15; 2 John 8-9)? What would be the point behind the Apostle Paul exhorting fellow brethren to "keep themselves pure" (1 Timothy 5:22)?
          9.) Why would a perfectly moral God condemn somebody to hell, when he or she never had a choice in the matter? How is that in any way morally justifiable?
          10.) How do Calvinists know if they are a part of God's elect or reprobate? How can Calvinists know for sure that they are saved? Why did God choose individual Calvinists (you) to be saved?