Tuesday, May 30, 2017

According To Roman Catholicism, A "Representative Of Christ" (Pope) Can Be A Heretic!

  • Following is a clip from a debate between Calvinist apologist James White and Roman Catholic Dr. Robert Sungenis:

Pope Benedict XVI Admitted That The Apostle Paul Taught Sola Fide!

  • Paul . . . places so much emphasis on the impossibility of justification on the basis of one’s own morality. . . If, on the other hand, we should acknowledge that Paul in no way yields to moralism in this exhortation or in any sense belies his doctrine of justification through faith and not through works, it is equally clear that this doctrine of justification does not condemn man to passivity. . .” (Joseph Ratzinger, Jesus of Nazareth, [Ignatius Press, 2011], pp. 236-237)