Saturday, May 6, 2017

Peace Is Perfection

          The promotion of peace in our world is a fight that takes place daily. However, human beings have the inherent tendency to act contrary to such principles by provoking other people to anger and despair. As a result of our fallen nature, Jesus Christ became incarnate so that He could enter into this world to make the perfect, final propitiatory sacrifice to God for our salvation. Because of the sacrificial work of His only begotten Son, God has appointed members of His church to be ambassadors to spread the good news, followed by repentance and a life of holiness. Some plant the seeds of conversion; others water to provide spiritual nourishment for weak souls. God is the One causes the growth on the foundation of the Christian religion, which is Jesus Christ. We can promote peace in this world by spreading the message of salvation to the lost and by revealing clemency to those who wrong us.

          Giving others an understanding of the character of the Lord Jesus Christ will stimulate their knowledge of Him as being the Prince of Peace. Christ taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves. He has also instructed Christians to love their enemies. We have been called to love the Lord our God with all of our mind and all our heart. We should emulate His example on the Cross by giving up ourselves for other people who are in need. When we serve others, we are also serving Jesus Christ. The foundation of peace is mercy. The two concepts are inseparable. They presuppose the existence of each other. Peace and mercy spring forth from the fountain of love. In order to promote tranquility, we must always find ways to become reconciled as much as can possibly be done. We promote peace by preaching the gospel because its heart pumps on the Blood of Peace.

          We must choose to be merciful as Christ instructed us. It is vital for us to be merciful, whether we be insulted by words or physically injured by enemies. Us repaying evil for evil never works because of the continual intensifying of hatred, jealousy, wrath, and bitterness. If people refuse to be reconciled with each other because of vituperative actions or words, then such disputes can infect the minds of other people in ways we never imagined. How can we thrive if there is a constant state of bitterness and anarchy? Only through a state of peace can we see things in life clearly. It therefore helps us to maintain a sense of rationality. Life makes sense because of peace. We find true and lasting peace in Christ. Having peace is a commandment of the Lord our God. Christ is merciful to us when we implore His mercy through our prayers. Mercy is an underlying component of peace. It is a built on the foundation of lovingkindness.

          Promoting peace is an essential aspect of Christian ministry. In fact, it is a necessary element for human survival. Consequently, we need to ask ourselves how what we can do to promote a peaceful environment. We also need to know how to maintain a state of peace within ourselves and others. We can do these things by preaching the gospel of everlasting life to lost sinners, reflecting on the moral principles taught therein, and by being merciful to those who work to harm us. Helping others to understand that Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace would equip them with the knowledge necessary for growing the seeds of His teachings in the minds of inquisitive people. We must be merciful as Jesus Christ taught us to be, even if people continually work to hurt us physically or mentally.

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