Monday, May 29, 2017

Pro-Life Or Pro-Choice?

  • Introduction:
          -From the Christian perspective, the fact that the liberal agenda is so focused on depicting the concept of abortion as being morally acceptable is completely abhorrent and reprehensible because the practice is in reality the murder of innocent babies. The existence of controversy on this matter pertaining to the birth of children shows us that our society has become morally blind, that is, polluted by our own sinful lusts. Annually, thousands of women choose to terminate the lives of their fetuses at Planned Parenthood organizations. In other words, millions of innocent little children each year are denied a chance at life because of birth control. Not only is the purpose of this article aimed at revealing the absolute immorality of abortion, but it also strives to critique the basic arguments set forth by advocates of abortion and to provide some background information on Planned Parenthood.
  • What if?:
          -What if the mothers of today's abortion advocates decided to abort them before they were even born into this world? The answer is obvious. Those people would not be alive today. If this fact in any way bothers pro-choice individuals, then they need to keep in mind how disturbing this thought must be to their developing children (speaking as if they possessed the ability to reason within themselves).
  • Human Life Begins At The Moment Of Conception:
          -Oftentimes, we hear in the news about the confronted women who support abortion "rights" participating in clamorous protests. They are known for creating slogans such as "It's my body...My choice..." and "A zygote, embryo, or fetus is not a baby...". But what they usually fail to recognize is that not only do their arguments make themselves appear to be uneducated around intelligent people, but they are also resorting to pseudo-scientific methods.
          -The life developing inside the womb has a different body and the decision is therefore not up to the woman to terminate the child's life. A baby's organs function apart from the mother's, whether they be born or unborn.
          -If a baby does not have the "right" to use a woman's body for a period of nine months (it is attached to her through an umbilical cord), then why should an infant have a right to nurse on his or her mother, since he or she also depends on her for survival? Using this line of reasoning, why not bother to perform a surgical procedure to end their lives at the whim of the parent, as well?
          -When can a fetus correctly be recognized as human life, three hours before birth? When exactly does a fetus transform into a baby?
          -If a fetus is not a baby, then what is it? If the answer is a "glob of cells", then why can't it be correctly recognized as being a "human", since we are also a "glob of cells"?
          -The claim that an embryo or cell in another stage of development in the womb is not a human is scientifically inaccurate. They all have DNA, 46 chromosomes, a unique blood type, brain waves, and organs that function independently of the mother's body. They all have a human nature, as further evidenced by the myriad of photos of aborted babies. The only difference between us who are fully grown and the beings found in the womb is their stage of development. But development does not determine "how human" a person is. There is no such thing as "different degrees of being human". Thus, human life begins at the moment of conception.
          -The value of human life is not dependent on how well a human body is developed. Neither can humans be called property.
          -Quite simply, abortion does not make a woman "unpregnant", but rather makes them the mother of a dead baby.
  • What About "Women's Rights"?:
          -It is important to note that the abortion movement is one of the offshoots of the feminism movement, which supposedly sought to obtain equal rights for women. Hence, this is the reason that pro-choice advocates proclaim that they want "equal rights" with men. But this view on the value of human life is very distorted. It has been deliberately misconstrued. In what sense are we free? All women, like men, have equal rights before the eyes of God, insofar that they do not interfere with the rights of and the security of other people. It has already been vindicated in this research paper that a cell in the human womb is indeed a human person. Therefore, women should not be entitled to have abortion procedures performed on developing cells which are located within their wombs because doing such deprives babies of the right to life. 
  • What About Cases Of Rape Or Incest?:
          -Women who were raped by selfish men may certainly feel violated and would thus not want to possess a child (or any object) that brings back any terrible memories of the occasion(s). Neither would families want a product of incest to be born into the world because of the possibility of a damaged reputation, various genetic health conditions, or abnormal bodily features on the baby. But these reasons do not amount to a valid rationalization of the abortion procedure because the scenarios presented at hand still involve the murder of an innocent human being. The conclusions to these arguments have been constructed entirely on self-serving logical premises.
          -Despite the fact that the perpetrator(s) of the crime(s) should be penalized to the maximum extent of the law, that still does not mean that we should murder other people because we have been victimized. It is equally wrong to take somebody's life because he or she is not wanted. In other words, the child should always be love, regardless of how they were conceived.
          -This pro-abortion argument could actually be used to devalue women because it implies that they are unable to overcome negative circumstances or are not strong enough to conquer obstacles in life. 
          -We must choose to set aside all emotional barriers in order to make rational decisions which are built on the proper application of sound moral principles.
  • Negative Psychological Effects Of Having Abortions:
          -There are many cases of women who went to get abortions and as a result experienced tremendous amounts of guilt. In fact, they have even suffered depression, anxiety, and attractions to illegal drugs. There is increasing testimony to the previously presented information from former pro-choice advocates.
          -Just imagine all of the babies who have survived abortion procedures. Examples of survivors would include, but are not limited to, Melody Olsen, Claire Culwell, Gianna Jessen, and Josiah Presely. Though the number of abortion survivors are few, these people have dedicated much time to explaining how terrible that they feel on a daily basis simply because they know that they were not wanted by their own biological parents. How deplorable that those harmed individuals must feel! How come all of these innocent babies didn't get a chance to determine their fate? Why didn't they they a choice in the matter? Clearly, the title "pro-choice" is self-deceiving. It is self-defeating. People who profess to be "pro-choice" are trapped within the prison of their own selfishness. Liberals are drunken on their own stupidity.
          -Women need to think twice (it is better to say an infinite number of times) before even getting an abortion. Why not give the unwanted child up for adoption or, better yet, abstain from sexual intercourse until the time is appropriate for starting a family within the confines of marriage (or women need to permanently keep their legs closed)? 
  • Why Oppose Planned Parenthood?:
          -While Planned Parenthood claims to be focused on the health and well-being of females, it is in reality solely focused on providing the "service" of abortion. It is in reality about population control, for its founder Margaret Sanger once said that colored people, the disabled, and other heavily criticized minorities in America were "human weeds" that "needed to be exterminated". She wanted to shape a society that was perfect in her own eyes, that is, a society that shared her own views on moral issues. It is a well documented fact that Sanger's mindset was based on eugenic underpinnings. All that one has to do is to read through her writings such as the Pivot of Civilization and the Birth Control Review. In fact, much of her ideology was heavily influenced by eugenicist Dr. Havelock Ellis.  
          -Other powerful reasons for rejecting Planned Parenthood as being a morally safe institution would include:
             1.) This organization has persistently bargained from and has made profits from the sale of human organs.
              2.) Planned Parenthood has repeatedly failed to protect young girls from getting sexually abused. In fact, we can easily lay the charge that this organization is guilty of promoting pedophilia, for it readily provides birth control services to under-aged females and has even gone as far as to hide information from inquiring parents. We must ask what the point is behind giving little girls condemns and denying their parents the right to know about the business of their children, when under-aged sex is supposed to be illegal? 
              3.) Planned Parenthood has been sued on a number of different occasions for the fraudulent use of billions in taxpayer funds. Thus this organization is nothing more than a money making scheme that serves its own hidden agendas.