Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Was King Saul "Born Again?"

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         -"Then it happened when he turned his back to leave Samuel, God changed his heart; and all those signs came about on that day." (1 Samuel 10:9)

         The context of this passage is about the conversion of Saul and him being anointed by God's Prophet Samuel as king over Israel. Prior to him being appointed by God through His chosen vessel, a group of prophets informed him that the Lord was going to give him a new heart (1 Samuel 10:5-7). This passage of Scripture is most certainly intriguing, seeing how the language seems to correspond to New Testament text such as 2 Corinthians 5:17.

         Even though Scripture records King Saul as being a poor moral example, we can nevertheless learn from his life experience the inevitable, devastating consequences of living according to the flesh. His life was characterized as being envious, vengeful, and murderous. He even committed suicide. But nobody can say with absolute authority what Saul's eternal destiny was, for only God knows the hearts of man (1 Samuel 16:7). We are not in a place to pronounce definitive judgments on the salvation of other people. It is possible that he could have earnestly pleaded from the heart that God be merciful to him in his last breath.

          My personal opinion on the matter is that he was once born again but walked away from his salvation. If that is the case, then we see evidence of the Holy Spirit's regenerating work in the Old Testament. Maybe King Saul came to a point of having saving faith, but chose not to continue in that pursuit. God can use anybody or anything to accomplish His will. This exercise is only meant to provide some food for thought.

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