Thursday, April 6, 2017

Five Reasons To Believe In The Resurrection

  • Introduction:
          -The purpose of this article is to provide five simple, brief logical proofs for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. This subject is the basis on which Christianity stands or falls because the validity of the occurrence is the cornerstone of the religion. In other words, the resurrection accounts of Christ form every premise of Christian claims. If Jesus Christ did not resurrect from the grave, then our faith in Him would be in vain and we would therefore remain spiritually dead to sin (1 Corinthians 15:17). 

          1.) It is a widely known historical fact that Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross. The Jewish authorities and the Roman executioners would have known with certainty if He was plotting to escape or was playing head games to deceive them. This fact alone provides us with the foundational grounds to embrace the biblical story of the resurrection.

          2.) We have biblical testimony of the resurrection from female disciples. This is significant because the Greco-Roman world viewed woman as having a lower social status and thus had a lower ability to present testimonials. This made the male disciples of Jesus Christ look pretty foolish.

          3.) The New Testament tells us that there were several hundred direct eye-witnesses to the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. Surely, at least a handful of the people would have been conscious enough to expose the story as being a complete fraud, if it was one in reality. Additionally, notice how much impact that witnesses have in trials which are held in the court systems today.

          4.) Another evidence for the resurrection is the incredible life transformation of the disciples of Jesus Christ. The Bible records the disciples as being cowards who did not want to suffer any persecution to later becoming bold speakers who were even willing to die for their faith in the resurrection of Christ. Why would somebody die for something that he or she knows is a lie?

           5.) The empty tomb of Jesus Christ is a powerful proof of His resurrection because the Roman and Jewish authorities failed to produce the corpse, which would have permanently terminated the Christian movement. All that the authoritative figures on the enemy side of the church had to do was to produce a corpse. However, they were incapable of producing the dead body of Jesus because they did not have it. Moreover, the tomb was tightly secured with a huge rock blocking the entrance and was constantly guarded by Roman soldiers, which would have made it virtually impossible for Jesus Christ to escape. Thus, we have clear evidence for His resurrection.                

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