Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Issue Of Israel And Control Of Gaza Strip

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          -The purpose of this article is to rebut a number of assertions made about the nature of Gaza and Jewish occupation of that territory. It seems most reasonable to this author that Israel be in charge of the land in dispute. We begin this critique by presenting the following citation:

          "Gaza wasn't always the Gaza that we have today. Gaza was actually, pre-1948, quite a large territory within Mandatory Palestine."

          Gaza would have been included as a part of Israel in biblical times (Joshua 15:47; Judges 1:18; 2 Kings 18:8). It was under control by the Philistines, who were invaders from Greece, before that nation obtained the land. Both groups fought for control of that city. Gaza was even conquered by the Assyrians and Egyptians for a time.

          "So it was something like 38 times the size that it is today. And at that time, Gaza was very, very wealthy in terms of being a coastal enclave, in terms of trade, in terms of the fertility of the land."

          Even if that is true, it does not speak directly to the issue of who should control what.

          "And then after 1948, you had the occupation of many of its towns and villages. And so it got confined to a very small strip that we know today. And at that time, it had been occupied by Egypt during the Arab-Israeli War, and then after 1967, came under Israeli military rule when Israel occupied both Gaza and the West Bank."

          The Jews for thousands of years were the dominant populace of Gaza. Even in the fourth century, for instance, it was used primarily by them for commerce. The Jews were in this region prior to 1948.

          "And then in 1993, we see the Oslo Accords, where both Gaza and the West Bank was to be part of what was then considered the start of a Palestinian state in the making. Unfortunately, at that time, you still had these territories under Israeli military occupation."

          Israel is by far the safest and freest country existing in that part of the world. Radical jihadists have no rightful claim to the land. They have not historically owned it.

          "Israel withdrew its forces in 2005 unilaterally. So we no longer had settler settlements and soldiers on the ground, but it still retained control of Gaza's borders."

          Israel has historically not been allowed to be in control of its own borders. No other group has ever experienced as many attempts by outside forces at their total eradication from the planet as the Jews. What could plausibly account for their continued existence despite heinous persecution other than divine providence?

          "And in 2006, we saw the election of the now de facto government of Hamas. And at that time, when Hamas had won the elections, they want to offer protest vote, essentially. And since then, Gaza has been subjected to an Israeli blockade through land, sea and air."

          The Jews do not want the remnants of a world hermetically sealed from the influence of civilization to radicalize and harm their fellow citizens. We are talking about a populace of which most are mentally trapped in the seventh century.

          "Through constant polling, you're seeing many Gazans consistently dissatisfied with Hamas' rule in Gaza. But, you know, part of that also has to do with the fact that Israel has, like I said, imposed a blockade, which means that Israel has calibrated the amount of goods that go in and out of Gaza."

          If such dissatisfaction exists, then why do these leaders continue to get elected with such overwhelming majorities of votes? Which Islamic dominated countries take kindly to Christians and Jews? Why are they all alike (i.e. the point being made is not that all Muslims are terrorists but Middle Eastern countries routinely violate basic human freedoms)?

          "There is a lot that you can maybe blame Hamas for, but a substantial part of people's misery is not Hamas."

          That is simply an ignorant and irresponsible thing to say. We are talking about men who rape, torture, and slaughter women and children. We are talking about men who force women to cover even their own faces. It is ultimately up to the people of Gaza to resolve their own problems, if they really want changes to take place in their lives. The ball is in their court.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

With war, no one should be worried about civilian losses; if we worried about that then we would have lost WWII!
Gaza belongs to Israel and should never have been given to HAMAS in the first place. So if Hamas wants to attack Israel, Israel has every right to eradicate Gaza from the map--after all, Hamas wants to remove Israel from the map.
Hamas is who is preventing supplies from going to the "civilians" while they keep everything for themselves.

Marshal Art said...

The troll knows no Christian manner. He is a racist who hates his own race, which makes him mentally disordered as well. Just another person best ignored, especially since he brings nothing of value to the discussion.

As to your post, that's arguably a less than comprehensive representation of the false claims of the anti-Semites and pro-jihadists. At some point I would love to see some reliable info regarding how many within Gaza and the West Bank oppose the elimination of Israel and its people. What we know for sure is there is no one within that region who is acting in opposition to Hamas or the PLO for that matter, who isn't simply vying for power over the rest of the "palestinians"...few of whom over the age of 5 are truly "innocent" or "oppressed" by anyone not islamic.

The defense of Hamas or the Gazastinians is a true example of someone thrilled to see people suffer and die, since all the suffering and dying of civilians in that region are victims of the people they put in charge. Only a vile, self-loathing fake Christian white modern progressive would pretend these people are victims of Israel.

I wish no harm to anyone. But I shed no tears for those who invite their own suffering and death.