Monday, December 6, 2021

Early Church Evidence Against Transubstantiation

"Moreover, among the Tauri of Pontus, and to the Egyptian Busiris, it was a sacred rite to immolate their guests, and for the Galli to slaughter to Mercury human, or rather inhuman, sacrifices. The Roman sacrificers buried living a Greek man and a Greek woman, a Gallic man and a Gallic woman; and to this day, Jupiter Latiaris is worshipped by them with murder; and, what is worthy of the son of Saturn, he is gorged with the blood of an evil and criminal man. I believe that he himself taught Catiline to conspire under a compact of blood, and Bellona to steep her sacred rites with a draught of human gore, and taught men to heal epilepsy with the blood of a man, that is, with a worse disease. They also are not unlike to him who devour the wild beasts from the arena, besmeared and stained with blood, or fattened with the limbs or the entrails of men. To us it is not lawful either to see or to hear of homicide; and so much do we shrink from human blood, that we do not use the blood even of eatable animals in our food."

The Octavius of Minucius Felix, Chapter XXX

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Eucharist Angel said...

One has only to start with Jesus himself (rather than the church that came after him) with evidence that refutes any crazy idea of his "real presence" - when he strictly stated that his "real presence" was GOING AWAY, no less than ten times.
He would have to be schizophrenic to say something ten times, and then expect us to later believe he would shrink his "real presence" down to the size of a Ritz cracker waiting around to be eaten alive via the ignominious process of Transubstantiation!
Catholics continue to forget that the only "real presence" Christ ever promised this side of heaven was the indwelling Holy Spirit to all those that believe, period, case closed.

Truly, the "tranz" is one of the top 5 most outrageous doctrines ever foisted on the human race since time began (courtesy of Satan, naturally) but God allowed it for his own good reasons and in preparation for his prediction that a religious monstrosity was set to arise and it was going to be a DOOZY (Rev 17).