Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Freedom And Liberation From The Law

[Romans 7] 7:25 The Law is holy and its commandment is holy and just and good (12). But sin, that diabolic power, manifests itself in its true colors (12) by using just that good Word of God to rouse in man the dormant will of opposition to God which destroys him. Paul illustrates this working of the Law (as misused by the power of sin) from his early life (7-13). Paul also shows us the working of the Law from his own experience with the Law as a Christian (14-25). It was contact with the Law, confronting him as the commandment, that first gave sin its deadly power in his life (9-11). Paul as a Christian, when confronted by the Law, becomes a man rent by an agonizing struggle (14-24) from which only Christ can and does release him from this hard fought struggle (25).

Martin Franzmann and Walter H. Roehrs, Concordia Self-Study Commentary [commentary on Romans], p. 131


Jason Lauterbach said...

I believe that the Holy Spirit helps us to walk holy so that we don't sin anymore. The Bible says that it mortifies the deeds of our flesh. Jesus has freed us from sin so that we can be free! :) And I think that this is one of the greatest gifts of all.

Jesse Albrecht said...

The Holy Spirit helps us to become holier in this life and perfects our bodies in glorification. Even people like Abraham, King David, and Solomon needed to repent of sins committed during their earthly walk with God.