Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Dangers Of Anti-Intellectualism

         Scripture says that although our mind is liable to error, it is a gift of God. It needs to be guided by His divine revelation and grace. God is rational. God has intellect. He has created the universe in an orderly fashion (Romans 1:18-20). We are made in His image and His likeness (Genesis 1:26). Therefore, to be anti-intellectual means failing to show appreciation for the abilities that God has bestowed upon us.

         God cares more by an infinite margin about our hearts than about the number of college degrees that we may obtain in this life. He wants to restore our fallen bodies. However, an anti-intellectual attitude is not an acceptable approach to the Christian life. Hosea 4:6 says that the people of God are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. The Apostle Paul told his audience to not be children in understanding but wise and examples of purity (1 Corinthians 14:20). God gave us a mind, and it is our mind by which we learn new concepts.

          Ignorance can be a rather dangerous thing. Toddlers get their fingers burnt when they touch a hot stove as a result of their uninformed curiosity. We should know and understand our worldview, which is the means by which we interpret the things around us.

          If literally everybody were to stop seeking higher levels of education, then that would inevitably collapse our economy because nobody would be competent to work the jobs that require obtaining those more advanced skills. Examples would include the legal and medical fields. This demonstrates an anti-intellectual worldview to not be workable.

          If a person has so much distrust in scholarship, and takes that level of skepticism to its logically consistent end, then he or she will inevitably be led to agnosticism. Nothing can be known for sure.

          An anti-intellectual worldview is psychologically unhealthy. An anti-intellectual worldview is cultic, as is evidenced by the Watchtower Society forbidding adherents from investigating the truthfulness of their claims. An anti-intellectual worldview is both irrational and unbiblical. Wanting a career is not inherently sinful. It is also not wrong to learn from people that we disagree with. In the real world, we are inevitably going to encounter people with non-Christian worldviews. What we should be on guard against is turning our pursuits into idols. What we should be on guard against is our tendency to become prideful as a result of our material achievements.

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