Sunday, July 12, 2020

Why Did God Love Jacob And Hate Esau?

"Why did God say in Malachi 1:2-3, "I have loved Jacob, but Esau I have hated"? Two explanations are possible. One is that in the ancient Near East a person would use the word word love in his will to designate the person chosen to inherit his estate, and he would use the word hate to mean a legal rejection of any rival claim. (In a similar fashion to despise or hate wisdom, as in Prov. 1:7, is to reject it.) Another explanation is that this is a form of comparison, in which the Lord was saying He loved Jacob more than He loved Esau. A parallel to this is seen in Genesis 29:30-31 in which Jacob is said to have loved Rachel and not to have loved (i.e., to have hated) Leah."

Roy B. Zuck, Basic Bible Interpretation, p. 89

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  1. Interesting. Also a similiar thing is found in the gospels were Jesus tells us that we are not his disciples if we love our parents more than him and the parraell passage about hating them (parents).