Friday, July 31, 2020

Church Councils And The New Testament Canon

"It is a remarkable fact no early Church Council selected the books that should constitute the New Testament Canon. The books that we now have crushed out all rivals, not by any adventitious authority, but by their own weight and worth. This is in itself a strong proof of the genuineness and authenticity of the books that have survived. It is not until the close of fourth that any Council even discussed the subject."

Henry Clarence Thiessen, Introduction to the New Testament, p. 25


  1. I AM NOT SURE HOW FAR ONE CAN PUSH THAT POINT, he's really ust saying it's popular.

    1. Joseph,

      I disagree. What he is pointing out that the early church recognized the false ones and so weeded them out.

  2. The author is saying that the books of the New Testament were recognized as canonical not on an arbitrary basis but by available evidence. This process began very early. That point speaks volumes in favor of the reliability of the New Testament canon.