Sunday, May 24, 2020

Born Of Incorruptible Seed

"Note the ideas of the "sprouting seed" and "new life" which recur in verse 1 Pe 1:23 where this same word is used. The results of the new birth for which Christians are obligated to praise God are indicated by three words in the original each preceded by the same Greek preposition: observe the words lively hope in verse 1 Pe 1:3, inheritance in verse 1 Pe 1:4, and salvation in verse 1 Pe 1:5. Because of the new birth we have a lively hope, which should probably be understood as the hope of the resurrection. We should note that the word hope is used in the Bible with the distinctive meaning "confident expectation." Today, of course, hope means merely to "want" something to happen, without having any real assurance that it will happen, as in the sentence, “I hope tomorrow will be a sunny day." The resurrection is the central hope of Christianity; it is not merely something that we want to happen, but an assurance we have. We know we shall rise!"

King James Version Bible Commentary, p. 1729

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