Friday, April 3, 2020

What Transubstantiation And Transgender Ideology Have In Common

        Though transubstantiation and transgenderism are radically different issues, both share a remarkable parallel in logic. They are similar in that things are not as they appear. Transubstantiation and transgenderism violate what we observe in the natural world. The nature of the communion elements and the nature of a person's gender are given a description that they do not really have. The nature of the objects in both scenarios are considered something other than what they are.

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  1. Great comparison! Ignore the actual DNA/chemical composition -- it's what I say it is, even though it it has all the qualities of something else. At least a man who says he's a woman can potentially fool people into believing him if they don't have all the information. The bread and the wine of communion still look like, smell like, and taste like bread and wine. In times of blood shortages, I've never heard of consecrated wine being used as a replacement.