Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Note On Theophanies

[Exodus] 24:10 A theophany is a visible appearance of God to men. This appearance might take place in different ways and under different circumstances. Among the appearances recorded in Scripture the following may be cited: (1) Here in 24.10 where Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abhiu, and the seventy elders saw a manifestation of the glory and person of God without any suggestion that it was by other than ordinary vision; (2) in 33:11 where God spoke to Moses face to face which must be understood in the context of verses 17-23; (3) in Isa 6, Ezek 1 and Dan 7.9 where God was seen in a vision or a dream; (4) in Gen 16.7 where the angel of the LORD appeared to Hagar (although the angel of the LORD does not always mean the appearance of God or Christ); (5) in 14.19 where God appeared in the pillar of cloud; (6) in Deut 5.24 and elsewhere Scripture speaks of men beholding the LORD'S glory and greatness. The supreme revelation of God to man is found in the incarnation of Jesus Christ who became flesh and dwelt among us (Jn 1.14).

Harper Study Bible [Revised Standard Version], p. 118

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