Saturday, March 21, 2020

Did Mary Participate In The Atonement Of Christ?

        "...we cannot doubt that she greatly grieved in soul in the most harsh anguishes and torments of her Son. Further, that divine sacrifice had to be completed with her present and looking on, for which she had generously nourished the victim from herself. Finally this is more tearfully observed in the same mysteries: There stood by the Cross of Jesus, Mary His Mother...of her own accord she offered her Son to the divine justice, dying with Him in her heart, transfixed with the sword of sorrow." (Leo XIII, Iucunda Semper, September 8, 1884)

        First of all, Scripture states that Jesus Christ offered Himself to God as atonement for our sin (Hebrews 9:14). He laid down His own life on His own accord (John 10:17-18). Mary played no role whatsoever in this act of redemption. Mary could not have offered her son to God as a sacrifice, even if she had wanted to.

        Secondly, Mary would have been in agony and distress to see her son nailed to a crucifix. Such reactions are only natural of normal mothers when they see their children suffer. However, there is no valid reason to suggest that Mary's grief had some sort of a unique or redemptive value. She is a human being, not a goddess.


  1. Jesus Christ is the Lamb that God Himself provided, not that Mary provided.

    And to think that millions of Roman Catholics adhere to this blasphemous belief.

  2. It's absolutely tragic that Satan has been able to deceive so many Catholics regarding Mary. Just saw that Tim Staples book, Behold Your Mother, has 4.5 stars in Amazon. The book description states that it dismantles "the objections of those who mistakenly believe that Mary competes for the attention due Christ alone". The double-talk is amazing. On one hand they say all of the attention is due to Christ, but they still say the blasphemous Hail Holy Mother prayer to end the rosary.