Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Accurate Medical Knowledge And The Law Of Moses

"Another Mosaic work, Numbers, states God's regulations for the Hebrews concerning concerning touching the carcasses of dead persons and animals, especially where the entrails and excrement might have been contacted. It records that any person touching a carcass was to wash at specified intervals in running water. Also, any objects or personal effects used by that person or close to that person were to likewise be washed. Open vessels in the vicinity of a person found dead in his dwelling were to be considered unclean. They were to be smashed and never used for food again.4

The connection of Semmelweis here is quite clear, but what about the smashing of food vessels? Our current technology makes this practice perfectly understandable. Such uncovered vessels may have contained food remnants which would then serve as excellent culture media for certain disease causing micro-organisms which may actually have been ingested or deposited there by the deceased. They would then be present to grow nicely in new food added to the vessel. Many such organisms (sources of acute food poisoning, etc.) would be virtually impossible to get rid of in porous clay vessels unless such vessels were sterilized in pressurized steam."

Evidence for Faith: Deciding the God Question, contributor William J. Cairney, p. 139

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