Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Details On New Testament Authors Quoting From The Old Testament Scriptures

"In Quoting and Interpreting the Old Testament. In reply to the objections to the inspiration of the Scriptures that have been based on these grounds we offer the following explanations: (1) Sometimes the New Testament writers merely select certain familiar words from an Old Testament passage to describe the righteousness which is by faith, and do not pretend to to expound the Old Testament reference in which the words occur (Rom. 10:6-8; cf. Deut. 30:12-14); (2) sometimes they recognize a typical element in a passage and point out its fulfillment (Matt. 2:15; cf. Hos. 11:1); (3) sometimes they seem to give the credit to an earlier prophecy when in reality they are quoting from a later form of it (Matt. 27:9; cf. Zech. 11:13); (4) sometimes they seem to quote an apparently false translation of the Septuagint on the ground that the mistranslation conveys at least a part of the fullness of meaning found in the original Hebrew text (Eph. 4:26; cf. Ps. 4:4 in the LXX); and (5) sometimes they combine two quotations into one and assign the whole to the more prominent author (Mark 1:2, 3, A.S.V.; the A.V. is incorrect here)."

Henry Clarence Thiessen, Introduction to the New Testament, p. 94-95

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