Saturday, June 15, 2019

Christians And Persecution

"He [John Stott] says, “The first group escapes persecution by withdrawing from the world, the second group by becoming assimilated to the world.” It is just that simple. But God does not call us to either of those two extremes. Instead, he calls us to be salt and light, to plant ourselves in the midst of a watching world and, right there, to live very different lives. Some will see, and hear, and be persuaded. Many more will see, be convicted, and persecute. But as Christians we simply need to expect it: Persecution comes to those who are faithful."

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  1. It's Justin. It's a bit off topic I just wanted to let you know that I came across a professing athiest commenting on a street preaching video yesterday and it's compelling me to write an article on foolish reasons to be an athiest. If my memory serves me write He said that he was a christian for 50 years then left the faith. He goes on to claim that he is more moral than God. A foolish statement indeed. There are several bible passages that he attacks and I look forward to answering his objections shortly. He claims that God murders babies and infants, condons slavery and pediophila, discriminates against blemished and defective people, etc. I'm going to aim for twenty of these controversial bible verses, but we will see, Lord willing.