Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Charismatic Quotables

"God can and does give personal words of direction to believers today that cannot be found in the Bible. I do not believe that he give direction that contradicts the Bible, but direction that cannot be found in the Bible." (Vineyard Position Paper #2, p. 15)

"There is almost uniform testimony from all sections of the Charismatic movement that prophecy is imperfect and impure, and will contain some elements which are not to be obeyed or trusted. The Anglican Charismatic leaders Dennis and Rita Bennett write: 'We are not expected to accept every word spoken through the gifts of utterance ... but we are only to accept what is quickened to us by the Holy Spirit and is in agreement with the Bible ... one manifestation may be 75% God, but 25% the person's own thought. We must discern between the two'" (Wayne Grudem, Ibid. p. 110)

Excerpts taken from Gary E. Gilley's review of Experiencing God

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