Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Unbiblical Development Of Roman Catholic Eucharist Theology

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          -Following are a few excerpts from a Roman Catholic PDF file titled Eucharistic Origins: From The New Testament To The Liturgies of the Golden Age, by Robert J. Daly, that are cited as follows (keep in mind that despite these admissions, the author does affirm that Jesus Christ instituted the Roman Catholic Eucharist):

          "...there is no clear line of development from the Last Supper of Jesus to the theologically rich Eucharistic Prayers of the patristic golden age."

          "What Jesus did at the Last Supper is obviously at least the generative moment of the institution of the Eucharist. But Eucharist in the full sense we have just described? No, that was still to come."

          "The Eucharist that Christians now celebrate is what the Church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of the risen Jesus, and over the course of generations and centuries, learned to do as it celebrated table fellowship with its risen Lord."

          "We do not know and cannot reconstruct in precise detail what Jesus did at his "Last Supper." The New Testament itself remembered and interpreted what Jesus did in quite different ways. Attending to these differences undermines the assumption that there is a single line of development that runs from Jesus to the later Eucharist of the Church, and that can be traced back by us toward Jesus. And indeed, if by Eucharist is meant what is now done in the Church, the farther back one goes, for example, to the "Eucharists" of James, Peter, and Jesus, the farther one gets from the Eucharist of the present. Indeed, if an exact reconstruction of what Jesus did at the Last Supper were possible, it would probably look quite different from what Christians now celebrate."

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  1. So there is no evidence for the current RCC heretical "eucharist" (mass) yet they have decided it is what Christ established?!?! HAH!