Sunday, January 20, 2019

Does Psalm 110:4 Support The Catholic Eucharist?

"...A plain reading of the text in Genesis 14 indicates that as Abraham arrived with his troops and came before Melchizedek, Melchizedek brought out some food (bread and wine) to feed all these hungry guys. The verse makes no reference, or even the slightest allusion, to Melchizedek making any kind of sacrificial offering to God akin to the Mass.

Protestants concede that Melchizedek is a "type" of Christ, prefiguring Christ in His work and ministry. They note that Melchizedek's name is made up of two words meaning "king" and "righteous." Melchizedek was also a priest. Thus, Melchizedek foreshadows Christ as a righteous king/priest. Melchizedek was also the king of "Salem" (which means "peace"). This points forward to Christ as the King of Peace.

Yet, despite this typological parallel, the bread and wine in Genesis 14 have no typological significance, but simply portray Melchizedek being hospitable in providing something to eat for some hungry warriors. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no mention or allusion to any kind of sacrifice akin to the Mass."

Ron Rhodes, Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics, p. 207-208

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