Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Romans Chapter One Dilemma

        Our culture as a whole has become remarkably similar to the description of a reprobate mind that the Apostle Paul provided in his inspired epistle to the Romans with the progression of time. If the moral foundation of our nation continues to deteriorate, it will soon resemble that of Sodom and Gomorrah (in some places it is already worse than those two cities). Multitudes of people in our depraved world remorselessly mock and scoff at the Lord Jesus Christ and His precious gospel. The flood of falsehood that rampages brutally throughout Christianity has quickly swept away those who are not well grounded in the faith. The waves of worldly compromise mercilessly swallow up people who have itching ears and lack fear of God. He will not tolerate all this testing. Thus, this wrath is no doubt being stored up for Judgement Day.

        Just a cursory glance at our modern society vindicates the point that God is handing the unrepentant and unbelieving people over to their own sinful desires. For instance, compare the popular music being played on the radio today to the music that was popular thirty to forty years ago. No particular songwriters are being endorsed here, but the lyrics of modern songs are generally more so sexually explicit. Foul language is promoted much more frequently on the television and even amongst professionals. Women's attire reveals more cleavage. Family members oftentimes utilize vulgar language in dialogues with each other. Thousands of babies are murdered in Planned Parenthood clinics daily. Homosexuals want to celebrate their sexuality in the streets naked. Just imagine how much worse could things become.

        The current overall spiritual state of the Christian church is deplorable, as well. Individual congregations amongst various denominations have substituted worshiping God on His terms with worldly entertainment. Our worship gatherings look a lot more like concerts or function halls than humble times of worshiping God and in depth expository preaching. Entire churches have embraced worldly lifestyles. The sin of homosexuality is celebrated amongst professing Christians. There are women pastors preaching from the pulpits. Doctrines such as inerrancy and Christ being the only way to heaven have been compromised. Our worship services have become man-centered and feelings oriented. We have become seeker-sensitive and carried away with social justice issues. Pastors are evaluated based on their appearance and the appealing nature of sermons, rather than being concerned with sound doctrine. It almost seems impossible to find a church that seems actually concerned with or serious about the worship of God. If you say anything to these people, then your words seemingly fall upon deaf ears. Any statements that you might utter are shrugged off with big grins.

        Certainly, no other age of depravity and apostasy can be considered a fair standard of comparison to this one of our modern age. The love of many in our culture has grown cold. Truth is no longer sought after, and the Bible is viewed by those who claim to love God as not being germane to life. People no longer fear God. Natural desires have been exchanged for unnatural desires. Few actually care about having good morals. People are proud. People are boastful. Abortion is defended at all costs. The new atheists boldly announce their hatred of God. This could all be elaborated in much greater detail, but the point has been established: our culture is saturated in wickedness.

        If one adheres to the description of truth as being unchanging and unchangeable, and recognizes the constant moral degradation of human civilization, then he or she will have no choice but to conclude, that something is obviously wrong. Could it be that God is handing people over to their reprobate minds? It would be wise to ponder the inspired words that Paul once penned in Romans 1:25-32. We need to humble ourselves and approach God in heartfelt repentance.

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