Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Best Safeguard Against False Doctrine

"If anyone asks me, “What is the best safeguard against false doctrine?” I answer in one word: “The Bible—the Bible regularly read, regularly prayed over, regularly studied.” We must go back to the old prescription of our Master: “Search the Scriptures” (John 5:39, AV). If we want a weapon to wield against the devious schemes of Satan, there is nothing like “the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.” But to wield it successfully, we must read it habitually, diligently, intelligently, and prayerfully. This is a point on which, I fear, many fail. In an age of hurry and frenzied activity, few read their Bibles as much as they should. More books perhaps are read than ever, but less of the one book which makes men wise to salvation. Roman Catholicism and liberal theology could never have made such havoc in the church if there had not been a most superficial knowledge of the Scriptures throughout the land. A Bible-reading congregation is the strength of a church."

J.C. Ryle, Churches Beware!, p. 84-85

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  1. Very well said!

    Mr. Ryle has hit the nail on the head. What he said is so simple, yet so relevant for today. It is not only Roman Catholicism and liberal theology that are threats to the church and purveyors of false doctrine... there are many more. But I believe as he does, that Scripture is the answer (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

    Great quote, Jesse. Thanks again for your labor in the gospel.