Wednesday, May 23, 2018

New [As Of 2012] Early Fragment Of Romans

          Following are a handful of excerpts from an article written by Dr. Daniel B. Wallace:

          "At the Society of Biblical Literature’s annual conference in Chicago last week (17–20 Nov 2012), Grant Edwards and Nick Zola presented papers on a new papyrus fragment from Romans. They have dated it to the (early) third century, which makes this perhaps only the fifth manuscript of Romans prior to the fourth (though a couple of others are usually thought to also be from the third century). This manuscript is part of the Green Collection (inventory #425)..."

          "The text of the fragment is from Rom 9.18–21 and small portions of Rom 10..."

          "The papyrus was written on a codex rather than a roll, as is customary for even the oldest Christian documents...'

           "The dating of the manuscript was done rather prudently by comparing it to fixed-date manuscripts. Paleographically, the fragment was found to be close to POxy 1016 (a mid-third century papyrus), POxy 2703 (late second/early third), and POxy 2341 (208 CE)..."

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