Monday, May 28, 2018

Luther's German Translation Proves The Folly Of King James Onlyism

  • Discussion:
          -It is interesting to note that Martin Luther's German translation of the Bible does not contain the King James Version rendering of 1 John 5:7. Following is an relevant excerpt from this publication:
          "We have informed our readers in these pages before that Luther omitted I John 5:7 from every edition of his German New Testament which he published during his lifetime. I have recently learned that he also omitted it from the revised edition of the Latin Vulgate which he published in 1529...This omission was a bold step on Luther's part, for, as Scrivener informs us, the verse is found “in perhaps 49 out of every 50”[manuscripts of the Vulgate, but the very boldness of the step proves beyond cavil, if any further proof were wanted, that Luther did not believe in the genuineness of the verse."
  • Additionally, Martin Luther omitted texts such as Mark 11:26 and Luke 17:36 in his translation. As Rick Norris of the King James Only Resource Center confirms:
          "...the fact that Luther's German Bible did not include Mark 11:26, Luke 17:36, 1 John 5:7, and many other clauses and phrases in the KJV is ignored."

          Ironically, Luther's German translation was based on the same underlying Greek text as that of the King James Version, the Textus Receptus. So, if both these translations were to be put on equal footing, then how does one account for these variations in textual rendering? Which ones are correct? Would one argue that the Protestant Reformers plotted to corrupt the King James Version (which is patently absurd)? Why is it that King James Version only advocates inconsistently applaud Luther's German translation of the Bible?


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