Sunday, May 27, 2018

Illegal Immigrants Cost Taxpayers Dearly

"Don’t be fooled by those who say that illegal aliens contribute billions to our economy and take little from it. They’re wrong. Many work off books, earn low wages, pay little to no taxes, send millions of dollars in remittances to their home country, and use social services at a higher rate than American citizens. The truth is that, yes, illegal aliens are important to our economy—but only if you’re talking about the destruction of it.

Illegal immigrants tend to be less skilled and less educated than those who got off the ships at Ellis Island. While new immigrants used to earn just 14 percent less than native-born Americans, that gap had widened to an average of 34 percent less by 1998.

Before the New Deal, if you came to America and couldn’t make it, you went home. Now, our growing welfare state is feeding off those who fall short of the eduction and skills necessary to achieve the American Dream. Illegal immigrants are 50 percent more likely to use welfare than citizens. They get free education, Medicaid, cash assistance for kids (WIC), and sometimes food stamps. While children of illegal immigrants make up only six percent of the population, they account for almost 12 percent of our nation’s poor."

Glenn Beck, Arguing With Idiots, pg.138-139

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