Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Homosexuality is Against God

"At the time of the Fall (Gen. 3:6), all of creation fell. Nature and the human race fell. We became separated from God, and our fellowship with one another was marred. Even sexual relationships were affected by the Fall. Instead of man and woman becoming one, as ordained by God, we now have adultery, practicing homosexual and lesbian relationships, prostitution, incest, rape, and bestiality. All of these are distortions of the wholeness and oneness that God originally intended.

They go against the purpose of God’s plan for marriage and family life. Homosexuality is a perversion of the law of nature and violates the law of God. It is a distortion of the beauty of God’s pattern for man and woman…

God created humans as two distinct creations, male and female. From Genesis to Revelation, sexuality is always in this context. The practicing homosexual lifestyle is not an alternative lifestyle, it is a departure from God’s plan. God did not create man to use one another in this unnatural way. Thomas Aquinas called it the “sin against nature and an injury against our Creator.” God intended sexual intercourse to take place between man and woman. It is obvious that the male and female bodies were designed in this way. The Bible condemns every form of sexual expression outside of heterosexual marriage."

Hope MacDonald, The Flip Side of Liberation: A Call to Traditional Values, p. 134

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