Friday, February 16, 2018

The Very Core Of Neo-Darwinism Is Fallacious

          -"An organism's DNA affects how it looks, how it behaves, and its physiology. So a change in an organism's DNA can cause changes in all aspects of its life. Mutations are essential to evolution; they are the raw material of genetic variation. Without mutation, evolution could not occur...the random nature of mutations."
  • The Additional Aspect Of Natural Selection Supposedly Takes Mutations Out Of The Realm Of Accident, And Is Defined By Encyclopedia Britannica As: 
          -"The process that results in the adaptation of an organism to its environment by means of selectively reproducing changes in its genotype, or genetic constitution."
  • Explaining The Problems Revolving Around The Concepts Of Random Mutation And Natural Selection:
          -How can something be chosen if it does not have a cause which had previously brought it into existence? It is highly absurd for Darwinists to maintain that the process of innovating randomly created itself to be selected. Nothing can be selected if that entity did not have an external cause which brought it into existence. In other words, naturalists have ascribed the role of creation and the reason for our finely-tuned universe to mere accidents. Thus, the Theory of Evolution has literally attributed to mere chance the power of producing intelligent, designed, functional, meaningful systems. Having this great leap of faith cannot simply be justified.


  1. So if someone was born without legs cant get foot fungus, is it considered a "beneficial mutation"? Just joking.

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