Saturday, February 24, 2018

Outrageous Hostility From Calvinist Theologians

  • R.C. Sproul, In His Book Titled Willing to Believe, Said The Following:
          -"I agree with Packer and Johnston that Arminianism contains un-Christian elements in it and that their view of the relationship between faith and regeneration is fundamentally un-Christian. Is this error so egregious that it is fatal to salvation? People often ask if I believe Arminians are Christians? I usually answer, “Yes, barely.” They are Christians by what we call a felicitous inconsistency."
          -“God controls everything that is and everything that happens. There is not one thing that happens that he has not actively decreed – not even a single thought in the mind of man. Since this is true, it follows that God has decreed the existence of evil, he has not merely permitted it, as if anything can originate and happen apart from his will and power. Since we have shown that no creature can make completely independent decisions, evil could never have started without God’s active decree, and it cannot continue for one moment longer apart from God’s will. God decreed evil ultimately for his own glory, although it is not necessary to know or to state this reason to defend Christianity from the problem evil.”
          -"God desires that his sheep are saved. God desires that his people are saved. He does not desire that every single individual who has ever lived, live in glory with him forever. If that were the case, we have an incompetent, unhappy, and impotent God.”
  • The Words Of Edwin H. Palmer On God Causing Sin (From A Calvinist Perspective):
          -"Foreordination means God's sovereign plan, whereby he decides all that is to happening the entire universe. Nothing in this world happens by chance. God is in back of everything. He decides and causes all things to happen that do happen...[H]e has foreordained everything 'after the council of his will' (Eph. 1:11): the moving of a finger, the beating of a heart, the laughter of a girl, the mistake of a typist-even sin." (H. Palmer, The Five Points of Calvinism: A Study Guide, p. 30)
  • The Accusation of Preaching A False Gospel:
          -“According to Arminianism, then, salvation is accomplished through the combined efforts of God and man. One is saved by grace through works, and one’s salvation is maintained by not sinning -- at least not habitually. Sort of like maintaining a balance between good works and bad works.” (The Omega Letter Intelligence Digest, Vol: 20 Issue: 3 - Saturday, October 03, 2009)

           I am not trying to say that Calvinists are not Christians or anything in those lines of reasoning. They most certainly are, and in fact are quite committed to Scripture. What I am pointing out is how some express areas of disagreement in the most unreasonable ways or engage in strawmen when articulating arguments.

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  1. They always call someone who isn't a Calvinist an "Arminian." Of course that label then covers a whole gamut of beliefs, but that doesn't matter to a Calvinists -- they don't care about facts from the Bible let alone about facts about what other people believe.

    Rick Warren, in his "Purpose Drive Life" said the God chose who we'd be born to, what defects we'd have, what our eye color would be, what our hair color would be, etc, and everything about our lives down to what we even spoke. In other words, we are nothing but pre-programmed robots. And yet they say we misrepresent them!!!!