Monday, February 12, 2018

Dr. Frank Logsdon's So-Called Denunciation Of The NASB

  • The King James Only Crowd Commonly Cites The Alleged Conversion Story Of Frank Logsdon As Evidence Of The New American Standard Version Being Corrupt. But Notice The Official Statement Of The Lockman Foundation On This Matter:
         -"The Board of Directors of The Lockman Foundation launched the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE translation work in the late 1950’s following the completion of the AMPLIFIED NEW TESTAMENT. Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon was acquainted with Dewey Lockman, president of The Lockman Foundation, prior to Mr. Lockman’s death in 1974. Mr. Logsdon was never a member of the Board of Directors, nor was he an employee of The Lockman Foundation. Mr. Logsdon had no authority to hire employees or translators for the Foundation, to set policy, to vote, to hold office, to incur expenses, etc. He cannot be considered “co-founder” of the NASB, nor part of The Lockman Foundation, nor part of the NASB translation team, nor did he write the forward of the NASB. According to our records, he was present at board meetings on two occasions — once to hear a travel report; and once to deliver an “inspirational thought.”

         Mr. Logsdon last wrote to Mr. Lockman in fall of 1973 that he was moving to Florida. Mr. Lockman replied that he was surprised and saddened by his decision to leave the area. Mr. Lockman passed away in January of 1974, and no further correspondence was exchanged between Frank Logsdon and The Lockman Foundation. He resided in Florida until his passing some years ago.

         The grass withers, the flower fades; but the word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8 (NASB)"


  1. Well, this is a new one on me. Never heard of the guy and never saw KJVO reference to him. Good information to know for any future KJVO silliness

  2. Thanks for clearing that up!

  3. This isn't evidence. There are hours and hours of tape where Mr. Logsdon does speak to the contrary. Of course, the Lockman Foundation would want to maintain their market share by disassociating with Frank Logsdon. I would love to spend more time on this subject.

    1. Exactly. Thank you for expressing this truth so precisely. Love in Christ, Cheryl

    2. You are a lying fanatic who just cannot come to terms with the fact that there are better translations than the King James Version. You might think that you see the light, but you are actually in the dark.

      I cannot think of any polite way to respond to your abusive ideology. The King James Only movement is known for intentionally misrepresenting people and giving incomplete citations of sources.

      I encourage people to read the works of the scholars that you guys so denigrate so that they can see for themselves how foolish your message is.

  4. Yes, it is evidence. It is evidence that the King James Only movement lacks substance and integrity. One can find hours worth of "documentary evidence" for every specious claim made under the sun. All you types can do is libel people, a common cultist tactic.

    The New American Standard Bible is one of the most accurate and literal English translations that we have. Countless people have benefited from using it in study, myself included. You denigrate scholarship in your state of willful ignorance.

    I am not going to pander to your malicious agenda of spreading counterfactual ideas to deceive people. You really ought to be ashamed of yourself. There is not a particle of evidence supporting the King James Version Only position. You have no leg to stand on.

  5. I've literally seen KJV-Onlyists claim it is "satanic" to check the original Hebrew or Greek. If that doesn't scream "Cult!", I don't know what does.

  6. If it is satanic to read the Greek how did the KJV translators make the translation? My experience with KJV guys shows that they are ignorant, they used to quote Hort saying if the committee aproves the resolution that scripture is divinely inspired our work will be finnished. KJV took it to means "e will be defeated" but Hort meant we will have accomplished our goal.