Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Quick Way To Witness To Jews

  • Following Is A Quick And Effective Method For Christians To Use In Gospel Outreach To Unconverted Jewish People:
          -First, it would be wise to remember and utilize the text of Proverbs 30:4, where we are told that God has a Son.
          -Then, be sure to mention Psalm 2:11-12, where we are told to take refuge in His Son. Parallel this text with Jeremiah 17:7. We should only be trusting in God. Those who fail to do so are cursed. We are not to place our trust in mere man. All of this regarding trusting in God applies equally to the Son, as well. The object of our faith should be in the Son of God. He is also our refuge. It is from Him that we are blessed. He is provoked to anger for not being worshiped. 
          -If we deny the Son Jesus Christ, then we also deny the Father (1 John 2:23). It is only through Him than mankind can be saved (John 14:6). These Old Testament truths may be shocking for Jewish people to hear.

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