Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Book Of Hebrews Refutes The Catholic Eucharist

  • Introduction:
          -Roman Catholics are taught that priests transform bread and wine into the physical body and blood of Jesus Christ (transubstantiation) to be consumed by the attendees during the Mass service. It is maintained that this alleged miracle is atonement for sin, that His propitiatory work is ongoing, and that His work is being "re-presented." However, the Book of Hebrews contains several plain statements which contradict the aforementioned ideas.
  • An Irrefutable Blow To The Myth Of Transubstantiation:
          -First of all, we are told that we have been sanctified by means of Christ's sacrifice "once for all" (v. 10). There is no need for any more sacrifices.
          -As a result of Christ's expiatory sacrifice, priests repeatedly offer the same sacrifices in vain because the objects used have the power to atone for sin (v. 11). Why would we need an ordained ministerial priesthood when there is no power in ritualistic sacrifices? How is the Catholic Mass, which occupies the same concepts found in this verse, an exception to this rule?
          -Jesus Christ is now at the right Hand of the Father (v. 12), and is currently waiting for His enemies to be made His footstool (v. 13). He is not coming down from heaven at the command of a parish priest. Nor can His physical body be located in several thousand different Roman Catholic congregations across the globe at the same time. Catholic eucharistic theology undoubtedly suffers from an ontological dilemma.
          -We do not need any of the sacrifices performed during the Mass because we are ETERNALLY perfected by the single sacrifice of Jesus Christ (v. 14).
          -The Holy Spirit bears witness to us and has inscribed His moral precepts into the innermost part of our being, the soul (v. 15-16). God will not count trespasses against the people whom He has forgiven (v. 17).
          -Consequently, there are no more offerings available for sin (v. 18). Now, God offers forgiveness of transgressions through the sacrificial work of His Son Jesus Christ. The sacrificial system was a thing of the Old Testament, which was fulfilled by Christ in the New Testament.
         -To reinsert a new priesthood with a new sacrificial system is to undermine what Jesus Christ has already done for us on the cross at Calvary. We need no more atonement for sin, and thus the eucharistic sacrifice has been invalidated.

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