Thursday, January 11, 2018

Answering A King James Only Apologetic

  • A Fellow Blogger Has Argued That We Can Only Rely On The King James Bible Translation Because Modern Bible Translations Are A Product Of Some Vatican Conspiracy:
          -"I know you are well aware of the problems of Roman Catholicism, but don't you know, about the counter reformation? How that Catholic Jesuits use many tactics including false bible versions to blind men's eyes to the pure truth of the word and bring them back under the bondage of Rome and eventually the Antichrist."
  • Bringing Into Light The Counterarguments Against K.J.V. Only Claims:
          -To preface, we should take into account that the King James only stance is impossible to verify. We do not possess the original, inspired Greek and Hebrew manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments. But if we did have them, then we would not need to consult the King James Version because we could compare our modern Bible translations directly to the original source. 
          -The Counter Reformation argument is an ad hominem fallacy. Roman Catholic scholars can understand Hebrew and Greek, just as well as Protestant and secular scholars. One's worldview does not necessarily disqualify his or her scholarship. It is not wrong to learn from people that you disagree with.
          -Note that in the preface to the New King James Version, the Thomas Nelson Publishers quoted eighteenth century Roman Catholic theologian Alexander Geddes. He said the following concerning the King James Version, "If accuracy and strictest attention to the letter of the text be supposed to constitute an excellent version, this is of all versions the most excellent." Very strange words indeed, if there had really been a Vatican conspiracy to discredit the King James Version through the circulation of bogus Bibles.
          -The King James Version originally had contained the Roman Catholic apocrypha, and is ultimately a product of the Latin Vulgate. The 1611 King James Version is based primarily on the Textus Receptus, which was originally assembled by the Catholic Erasmus.
          -To summarize, we can trust our Bible translations because they have so much manuscript support. The New Testament alone has much earlier and wider source attestation than any other document of antiquity. It is almost one hundred percent textually pure. Unlike the translators of the King James Version, the scholars of today know Koine Greek. Scholars have learned much about the Hebrew and Greek languages since the seventeenth century. The translators of the King James Version only had access to a handful of late manuscripts for their work, whereas we have several thousand more manuscripts that date much closer to the timing of the apostles. Our language has changed, thereby proving we need other translations. 
        -Even if the King James Onlyites were correct in their argumentation, there are still many important questions that need to be answered. Who gets to protect and publish this so-called inerrant Bible? Would the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts which were inspired by God need any improvements? What about the Roman Catholics who have studied their Vatican approved translations only to find our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? What respectable evidence is available suggesting that the King James translators were inspired by God? What makes the King James Version the standard by which other translations should be judged? What sort of concrete arguments can the K.J.V. only advocates advance, besides making empty blanket assertions against Bible translations and assigning without proof colorfully malicious motives to Bible translators? And if modern Bible societies despise the King James Version so much, then why do they still distribute the archaic English translation in mass amounts? If our modern translations of the Bible are part of some Vatican conspiracy, why is it that Roman Catholic Bible societies do not approve of Catholics reading non-Catholic translations?


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  2. What I find interesting is that there are many KJV versions as updates and corrections were made. So which one is the most accurate? Certainly not the 1611 version with the Apocrypha and errors, or it wouldn't have needed to be corrected and updated! So much for being inspired by God.