Friday, April 21, 2017

Roman Catholic Confessions To Purgatory Being Unbiblical

  • Introduction:
         -The purpose of this article is to quote some official Roman Catholic sources on the issue of whether Purgatory is truly a biblical doctrine or not. While Church authorities such as Catholic Answers and the Catechism affirm that the concept of a sin-purifying fire is taught is both in "Scripture and Tradition", others deny the concept to be biblical. In short, contradictions exist among the professionals on whether a Catholic doctrine is taught within the pages of the Bible!
  • Check Out This Outright Denial:
         -"In the final analysis, the Catholic doctrine on purgatory is based on tradition, not Sacred Scripture." (Vol. XI, pg. 1034, Copyright 1967, Catholic University of America)
  • Consider The Words Of Roman Catholic Scholar Richard P. McBrien:
          -The Holy Scripture knows nothing of a place called purgatory. After examining the various arguments put forth by Roman apologists in order to try to prove the teaching, Catholic scholar Richard P. McBrien admitted, “There is, for all practical purposes, no biblical basis for the doctrine of purgatory” (Richard P. McBrien, Catholicism: New Edition, [HarperOne, 1994], p. 1166).
  • The Footnotes To The Roman Catholic New American Bible Admit That 1 Corinthians 3:15 Lends No Scriptural Support For Purgatory:
         -“The text of v. 15 has sometimes been used to support the notion of purgatory, though it does not envisage this.”