Friday, April 21, 2017

Interesting Roman Catholic Quotes On Purgatory

  • Introduction:
          -The purpose of this article is to quote some official Roman Catholic sources on the issue of whether Purgatory is truly a biblical doctrine or not. While Church authorities such as Catholic Answers and the Catechism affirm that the concept of a sin-purifying fire is taught is both in "Scripture and Tradition", others deny that the concept is biblical. In short, contradictions exist among the professionals on whether a Catholic doctrine is taught within the pages of the Bible! Who's right?
  • A Flat Denial:
          -"In the final analysis, the Catholic doctrine on purgatory is based on tradition, not Sacred Scripture." (Vol. XI, pg. 1034, Copyright 1967, Catholic University of America) 
  • Some Officials Affirm That Purgatory Is NOT Taught In The Text Of 1 Corinthians 3:15:
          -“The text of v. 15 has sometimes been used to support the notion of purgatory, though it does not envisage this.” (New American Standard Bible)