Saturday, February 25, 2017

Circular Reasoning Behind The Roman Catholic "Historical" Argument

Equivocation Fallacy In Evolution

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A Funny Meme: Circular Reasoning!

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"Infallibe Church Hierarchy" Is Circular Reasoning

  • The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that people who believe that we absolutely must have an infallible interpreter of Scripture and that the members who belong to that particular group constitutes "the only true church" build their arguments off unproven or unverifiable assumptions. Groups who embrace this idea would include the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Jehovah's Witnesses. Of course, there are many other groups in the world who believe that the church should be governed by a hierarchy of their own choice. But we who deny such know that they cannot possibly be infallible or even true because they all contradict each other on fundamental teachings. They all contain the most severe variations in doctrine. 
  • If the Bible is insufficient in itself, a totally corrupted body of revelation, or if we do not have the necessary "authority" to investigate religious claims for ourselves, then how can we possibly determine whether these groups are true or false? What is the difference between interpreting the inspired words of Scripture and the words of cult leaders who's words are supposed to be equally inspired in nature? On what basis can they claim that their words are any simpler or easier to understand than the words of sacred Scripture? Who gives the infallible interpretations of the infallible interpreter if people still do not understand some divine teaching? Who are we supposed to turn to if divisions arise (who's interpretations of the allegedly infallible interpreter's words are correct)? Who are we supposed to submit to if we do not have a universal standard of doctrine set in stone, that is, in writing? What a circular system of deception that these professing Christian groups have created for themselves!
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  • "We absolutely must have an infallible interpreter of Scripture...":
           -The Roman Catholic Church claims that only she can correctly interpret the Bible. In other words, the Church's interpretation of the Scriptures are supposed to be correct because it declares them to be such. How inconsistent is that, especially when we are supposedly forbidden from examining the truthfulness or trustworthiness of that particular religious organization's claims?
           -People who believe in the concept of a church hierarchy basically argue that we who reject such cannot interpret Scripture because their church is always correct! Not only is this assertion founded without any scriptural backing, but it also is an obvious proof that these folks who are stuck in a cult and are condemned from thinking independently. Pseudo-Christian denominations will always argue by appealing to themselves and to their own sources. The devil will do anything to prevent the truth from being discovered.
  • "Only true church...":
          -A hierarchical system tends to argue in favor of itself being the final court of or absolute source of authority in a religious person's life by claiming that its interpretation of Scripture is correct because it comprises the only true body of believers. Once again, we are morally obligated to ask on what basis such claims can be established. Not only is this belief founded on fanciful whims, but it also is a paragon of grandiloquence.  The "one true church"  comprises of all all people who agree with the essential teachings of the New Testament and is located throughout the entire world.